tile roof autumn leaves

We at Phil Headon LTD hand pick the trees that will become your timber for frames, windows and possibly even furniture. It is all locally sourced in the Devon and Cornwall area and milled on site at our workshop in Trevalga, Boscastle. That way we know we have the best quality of wood that arrives for the job.

           Phil has worked in the construction trade for 25 years and grew up in tinkering in his grandad’s workshop from a young age. Setting up his own business after leaving the navy and now with a great team in tow, keeping the traditional skills in place. We still have his grandad’s tools to craft with and they are used daily.

Our Ethos

Being conscious of the impact we have on the environment, we believe that the closer timber is to our workshop, transport is only needed for shorter distances to move the timber from the forest. So this reduces the amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) produced which is the main cause of climate change. The further the timber travels, the higher the CO2 emissions. Just doing our bit.

Our services

We also specialise in a multitude of other aspects of building work from general building, stone masonry and more complex projects.

  • New Builds- traditional build, Green Oak & Douglas timber frames
  • Bespoke furniture, home decor, and kitchens,
  • Shepards huts, Fences and out buildings
  • Stone masonry, facing and stone walling
  • Complete residential refurbishments,
  • new build,
  • Mechanical and electrical engineering ,
  • Dry lining and plastering,
  • Decorations and cladding.

We offer a Free Estimate with No Obligation as part of our service.